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Nov 14, 2021

 We’ve talked about a variety of topics in season one, including some pretty complex and serious issues. And while those are great to talk about, sometimes it’s nice to talk about simple things. This brings us to tonight’s topic, time travel! It’s one of the most popular and used aspects of science fiction and fantasy and there are so many ways it’s been portrayed. And yet anytime it shows up it drives us crazy! Here are our thoughts on time travel.


00:00:14 Intro

00:00:40 Why Do You Think Time Travel Is So Popular?

00:03:51 What About Time Travel Drives Us Crazy?

00:15:31 Are There Any Good Time Travel Examples You Like? (Enter Naruto Tangent)

00:31:01 What Are Some Bad Examples of Time Travel

00:40:11 What Are Some Movies/Stories That Almost Got It Right?

00:50:01 What Are Some of Your Favorite/Least Favorite Time Travel Stories

00:52:11 More Movies/Stories That Almost Got It Right

01:10:51 More Favorite/Least Favorite Time Travel Stories

01:29:56 Outro

References Steins; Gate Star Gate SG1 Tenet Boruto Loki X-Men Days Of Future Past Kamen Rider Den-O Avengers End Game Back To The Future Future Man