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May 28, 2021

 In many ways social media has brought the world together, but it has also been a toxic source of division. Even before the pandemic, it’s hard to get away from the awfulness in the world. Because we’re forced to quarantine and keep our interactions online, it just seems like something horrible is happening every day. It can feel like the world is full of hate, ignorance and overall toxic behavior, even from our own family. Today, we’ll be talking about how to maintain healthy online hygiene.


00:00:15 Intro

00:00:48 Defining Online Hygiene and Its Importance for Mental Health

00:03:29 Negative Impacts of Social Media

00:07:32 Maintaining A Healthy Online Hygiene While Staying Up To Date of Current Events

00:13:53 Productive Online Commentary?!

00:17:21 Backing Away from Toxicity

00:21:40 Arguing People’s Points Vs People Themselves

00:23:27 Control What You Can Control

00:24:21 Other Ways to Promote A More Positive Online Environment or Find a Healthy Balance

00:26:38 Recognizing Possible Calls for Help

00:30:00 The Pitfalls of Social Media Archiving Our Experiences

00:33:00 The Value of Therapy

00:38:44 Conclusion