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Nov 6, 2021

Since the world is STILL crazy, it’s nice to have an outlet to escape every once in a while whether it’s manga, books, tv shows or movies. Here are our summer 2021 TV picks!

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00:00:14 Intro

00:00:28 Darryl’s Recommendation (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

00:14:18 Joe’s Recommendation (The Chair)

00:25:32 Marshall’s Recommendation (Moonlit Fantasy)

00:36:32 Sean’s Recommendation (What We Do In The Shadows (TV Show))

00:47:23 Outro


References Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Hulu) The Chair (Netflix) Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy (Crunchyroll) What We Do In The Shadows (Hulu) Isekai Uncle/Uncle from Another World