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Jun 13, 2022

We’ve talked a lot about race when it comes to casting choices in movies and television. And aside from some missteps, we are seeing more diversity and representation in the last few years. However, things could still be better, especially when it comes to the divisions between light skin and dark skin members of the same ethnic communities. So let’s talk about colorism!


00:00:13 Intro

00:00:36 How Does Colorism Differ From Racism?

00:07:57 Examples of Colorism

00:13:57 Do You Think Colorism Discrimination Is Similar for Both Men and Women?

00:19:48 Lack of Black Photographers/Color Film’s Inherent Bias

00:37:17 Last Thoughts

00:39:41 Conclusion/Outro


References on Color Correction for BIPOC photography Bridgerton (Netflix) Woke (Hulu) My Wife and Kids (Hulu) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (HBO Max) Crazy Rich Asians (HBO Max) Skin Whitening In Asia India and Colorism: The Finer Nuances

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