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Jun 25, 2022

 If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that our lives are heavily dependent on our healthcare. We literally can’t live without it! But this doesn’t eliminate an inherent distrust of our healthcare system in communities of color, especially amongst the older generations. So let’s talk about people of color and their relationship with healthcare.


00:00:22 Intro

00:00:43 Introducing Jashelle!

00:01:05 Why Do You Think There’s Such A Complicated Relationship Between POC and Healthcare

00:08:32 Over-Reliance Alternative Medicine and Home Remedies

00:15:38 Distrust Due to Historical Experiments and Experiences

00:37:00 Visiting Doctors For Preventative Measures

00:39:23 Ways To Build A Good Relationship With Health Care

00:53:42 Misconceptions of The Merits of African Americans In Health Care Due to Affirmative Action 

01:01:22 Model Minority Myth 

01:11:58 Other Helpful Tips For Getting the Best Care You Can

01:19:44 Outro

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