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Oct 30, 2021

Here at Geeks Represent, we feel it’s important to support up-and-coming content creators, especially those of color with stories and art to share with the world. And since it is the Halloween season, we thought it’d be fitting to talk about the art form that is cosplay and to introduce to you a super dope artist making waves in the cosplay community. So without further ado, please allow us to give a warm welcome to Banzai Wolf Burger!


00:00:14 Intro

00:00:50 Origin of the Name Banzai Wolf Burger

00:02:04 What Got You Into Cosplay?

00:03:54 What Was Your First Cosplay?

00:04:57 What Fandoms, Characters or Art Are You Following To Inspire You For Projects?

00:05:30 Has There Been A Cultural Shift in Cosplay/Anime? Has It Been A Positive Change?

00:07:05 What’s Your General Process For Choosing A Character to Cosplay?

00:09:12 Thoughts on Buying vs. Making Cosplay

00:10:20 Getting Awesome Deals At Spirit of Halloween After Halloween

00:12:36 Tips For Beginners to Get Into Cosplaying

00:14:34 Tips For Breaking Into the Cosplay Community and Finding Groups to Cosplay With

00:15:23 How Early Do You Plan Ahead For Your Cosplays?

00:16:11 Are There Any Characters From This Upcoming Season That You’re Looking Forward to Cosplaying?

00:17:39 Thoughts On Recycling Cosplay

00:19:58 Do You Ever Cosplay Outside of Cons, Like For Halloween?

00:23:00 What Has Been Your Favorite Experience Cosplaying, and How Was Winning The Squad Up: Suicide Squad Cosplay Contest 2016/Meeting Will Smith?

00:26:35 How Have You Stayed Involved With Cosplay During The Pandemic When Most Cons Were Cancelled?

00:29:33 What Has Been Your Favorite Con To Go To? How Do You Like Small vs. Big Cons? What Cons Would You Like To Go To In The Future?

00:31:45 How Has Cosplay Positively Impacted You?

00:33:20 How Long Have You Been Video Game Streaming?

00:34:48 Lo-Fi Cosplay And Chill Stream With Banzai Wolf Burger

00:37:28 Do You Line Up/Plan Shoot Ideas For Dope Cosplay Photos?

00:40:36 How Can People Reach You? IG, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook

00:41:22 Racial Gate Keeping In The Community

00:43:05 Peace, Love and Positivity

00:46:08 Outro

References Banzai Wolf Burger’s Twitter Banzai Wolf Burger’s Facebook Fan Page Banzai Wolf Burger’s TikTok Banzai Wolf Burger’s IG SDCC 2016 Suicide Squad Squad Up Cosplay Contest Recap! Various Tutorials to Worbla and Armor/Weapon Crafting with Worbla