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May 21, 2022

 Growing up in the 90s when you turned on the tv at primetime, chances were you’d see very few people of color. For many, it was considered diverse if you had one black guy in the cast if there was one at all. But as time went on, we started seeing awesome shows that reminded us that stories didn’t have to be about white people to be successful. Let’s talk about the groundbreaking shows for people of color.

Was there a show you grew up with that you felt was groundbreaking? Please leave it in the comments or review.


00:00:15 Intro

00:00:37 Importance for People of Color Being On TV

00:03:57 What Shows Broke New Ground For You?

00:22:38 What Shows Could Have Been Groundbreaking But Either Failed or Didn’t Even Try?

00:30:26 What DoYou Think About The Sentiment That TV Is Becoming Too Diverse, Straight White Men Are Being Sidelined, Diversity Quota, Etc.

00:37:42 Last Thoughts?

00:42:36 Outro

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