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Jun 26, 2021

Diversity of cultures is one of the things that makes America truly beautiful. Depending on where you are, you’re able to immerse yourself into your neighbor’s cultural identity while also sharing your own. This leads to greater empathy and understanding between people whose ancestors may have lived oceans apart. But when does appreciation turn into appropriation?


00:00:16 Intro

00:00:35 Geeks What Is Your Definition of Appropriation

00:03:46 K-Pop Guilty of Appropriation?

00:08:07 BTS Appropriating Fashion/Culturally Insensitive/Culturally Ignorant?

00:11:58 Treading the Fine Line Between Appropriation and Appreciation: the Case of Jeremy Lin

00:17:56 Blackfishing: From Kim K to Elvis

00:30:11 Western Culture Influences on Anime and other Asian Media: Appreciation or Appropriation?

00:51:48 “With Voice Acting There Is No Race” - Phil LaMarr; Difference between Casting Opportunities for Minorities

00:59:37 Her Parents Named Her After A Guy’s Name?! & White Washing Names for Better Opportunities

01:04:03 Eastern Influences on Western Cartoons and Media: Appreciation or Appropriation?

01:13:16 Conclusion


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