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Oct 17, 2021

As more people are getting vaccinated (as should you!) and restrictions are getting looser, we’re slowly starting to travel again and getting to enjoy the events we loved to go to. Our very own fellow podcaster Sean got to go to this year’s New York Comic-Con last weekend and if you follow his Instagram, it looks like he had a blast. Here’s Sean and his recap of New York Comic-Con 2021!


00:00:23 Intro

00:00:34 Post Pandemic New York City

00:02:18 Feeling Safe At A Large Event During A Pandemic

00:05:34 Pre vs Post Pandemic New York Comiccon

00:14:57 Big Cons vs Small Cons

00:22:08 Getting into the Recap 

00:22:20 Day 1: Exhibitors/Artist Alley

00:25:15 Day 1: Funimation Panel w/ Guapdad 4000

00:29:04 Day 2: First Day of Cosplay (Mortal Kombat)

00:31:11 Day 2: The Wheel Of Time Panel

00:36:17 Day 2: The Boys Panel

00:46:23 Day 3: Second Day of Cosplay (Sasuke Yashitori from Two Swords Meet Over A Bridge/Zhang Li Wu from A Tale of Two Kingdoms/Soo Won Cho and the 8 Trials of the Octopus)

00:50:23 Visiting the New York Harry Potter Store

00:51:55 Day 4: The Con Wind Down (Missing the What We Do In The Shadows Panel)

00:53:06 Day 4: Crunchyroll Industry Panel

00:58:21 Some Things NYCC Could Improve 

01:03:18 Did Sean and Jess Make or Buy Their Costumes?

01:07:38 Conclusion? Definitely Go to NYCC!

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