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May 15, 2021

Today we will be discussing one of the panels from the first DC Fandome event. Great content dropped that day including trailers and behind the scenes for Wonder Woman ‘84, The Batman and Suicide Squad, but one stood out: BAWSE Females of Color. As actresses of color from across the DC universe, these women discussed their personal experiences, the impact of their characters and what it means to be a boss.

Special shoutout to Emmy winners Regina King for best lead drama actress in Watchmen and Zendaya for being the youngest woman to win an Emmy for best lead drama actress in Euphoria! May they and other women of color continue to push boundaries and inspire us all.



00:00:17 Intro

00:00:38 Which Panelist’s Experiences Did We Resonate with Most?

00:05:43 Thoughts on the Backlash towards POC being Cast in Typically White Roles

00:11:32 What About Characters Whose Ethnicity is Integral to their Identity

00:17:24 The Availability of Roles for POC

00:19:37 The Fetishization of Women of Color in Media

00:27:16 The Importance of Seeing Women of Color in Media

00:34:02 Power Rangers Groundbreaking?

00:36:38 Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise’s Power Rangers Playback YouTube Channel

00:37:36 Beyond Acting: Need for POC in Styling, Make-Up, Photography, Writing, etc.

00:42:06 Jashelle, What Does Being A Boss Woman Mean to You?

00:47:35 Guys, How Can You Be An Ally to Women?

00:51:02 Shoutouts and Conclusion


References: BAWSE Females of Color Stream - Power Rangers Playback w/ Catherine Sutherland and Nakia Burrise - Fans Applaud Simon Bile’s Vogue Cover Story, But Many Argue Her Photos Are Proof That Magazines Need to Hire Black Photographers - Black Photographer w/ Great Content For Photographing Black People and Post Shoot Edits