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Oct 9, 2021

When you think of geeks, what body types do you normally think of? Chances are, due to decades of stereotyping in the media, you think of generally unfit nerds with unhealthy habits. But here at Geeks Represent, we believe a healthy geek is a happy geek and that we should all do our best to keep fit and live sustainable lifestyles. Today, we’ll be consulting our very own fitness buff (pun intended) Sean for fitness tips.


  • 00:00:52 - What's the most important factor in staying fit?
  • 00:05:14 - How does your diet factor in?
  • 00:09:32 - Using Apps to track Calories
  • 00:11:02 - Sean's Bona Fides
  • 00:13:20 - Advice for those looking for a lean cut - Maingaining
  • 00:16:00 - Advice for those dealing with chronic pain while losing weight
  • 00:20:42 - What other mistakes do you find people do when dealing with their diet?
  • 00:24:27 - Snack Substitutions & Fad diets & Vegan foods
  • 00:33:29 - Sodium and our Bodies 
  • 00:40:06 - Favorite workouts (HITT, Workout timing, & Pokemon Go)
  • 00:47:10 - Final thoughts

References - Sean's Instagram

Global Cycling Network YouTube Channel Dr. Stefi Cohen on Sodium Intake Greg Doucette Bulking vs Maingaining Pass the Salt: Study Finds Average Sodium Consumption Safe For Heart Health Cardiometabolic Benefits of a Long Term Caloric Deficit More Benefits of a Sustained Caloric Deficit How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift (awesome hilarious anime about fitness with great tips, DUB highly recommended due to English nuances)


Do you have a favorite way to keep fit? Leave your comments below.

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